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The Coat of Hopes as it left Glasgow from Central Station. #coatofhopes #cop26 #cop26glasgow

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A special coat which aims to symbolise the hopes of humanity during this time of climate change has been worn by campaigners on a 500-mile journey from Sussex to Glasgow.

Lewes resident Barbara Keal created the concept of the Coat of Hopes, which has been carried on the shoulders of walkers along a nine-week long pilgrimage from Newhaven to COP26 in Glasgow.
The coat is covered with embroidered squares, made by hundreds of people.
Each patch represents their hopes, prayers, griefs and remembrances connected to their local landscape.
The coat has collected patches as it travelled and has been worn by hundreds of ‘coat pilgrims’ on its way to the gathering of world decision makers at COP-26.
Pictured here is West Papuan activist Serogo Tabuni, known simply as Samuel to fellow activists, wearing the coat of hopes as it leaves Glasgow. Serogo lives in exile in the UK and cannot return to his Indonesian occupied land of West Papua, the Western half of Melanesian Papua New Guinea.

The West Papuans suffer from layers of struggles, one being the devastating environmental damage caused by mining and deforestation (amongst other things) to make way for projects which has also displaced indigenous West Papuan landowners.

All of these environmental damage caused by corporations and Indonesia within West Papua, eventually adds up to the declining state of our global climate. The ultimate struggle is the struggle for Freedom and independence from Indonesian colonial rule. A rule that is supported by the USA and its allies including Australia.
We are complicit.
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