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Today the Managalas Plateu Program and Planning meeting was launched.

The planning meeting workshop was held at the Hilton with many interested stakeholders comprising of representatives from the European Union, the Australian Government, New Caledonia, Managalas land owners Tribal leaders, CELCO, ICRAF, Global Green Growth Institute, clan members from the Managalas and many other interested parties. The meeting is hosted by the Oro Provincial Government headed by the Governor for Oro, Hon. Gary Juffa and supported by Gov for NCD Hon. Powes Parkop. Hon. Governor Parkop gave a compelling opening remarks and officially opened the meeting.
The Managalas Plateau lies in Oro Province (2.3 million ha) and extends to 360,000 hectares in size. It contains 22,000 households comprised of 152 clans, 11 tribes, 60 villages and 49 settlements. 

The Mangalas Model Program is scheduled as a 10-year program to be made up of multiple linked projects and initiatives. These will be primarily built on the foundational and conditional investments by communities and individuals residing in the Managalas Plateau. It will be augmented with co-investments from Central Government, Provincial Governments, Multilateral donors, Bilateral Donors, Private Sector Corporates and Private Investors. 
A key feature of the Managalas Plateau is to reinforce and strengthen the social capital and bonds amongst tribes, clans, villages and individuals. The dream is to develop a green economy through these discussions and raise awareness and appreciation of the Managalas Plataeu and it’s implications and creating opportunities for other provinces to learn from the Managalas, to create a green economy, solar energy farm, green agricultural program and to develop a green economy, the first of its kind and go green with energy. 

Governor Parkop said in his speech that: "We need to formulate a new paradigm as opposed to the usual old traditional economy revenues involving selling, importing, exporting, plundering and at the end depletion of our forests. He acknowledged the challenges of such a venture and has given his 100% support to Hon. Gov Juffa to develop this green economy, and to make the entire Oro Province go green. 

Governor Parkop commended Gov Juffa for being the beacon of change to set an example for other province to adopt the same sustainable economy and energy.

"So we can preserve our forest and conserve our resources for our children and for the next generation. We need to breath clean air. I encourage everyone to go green," he said.
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