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Landowners choose sustainability over mining

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The landowners of Namosi and Waidina have decided to forego any further land development for mining purposes.

This impactful announcement was made by Sipiriano Nariva, Chairman of the Namosi landowners committee “Lomani Au, Maroroi Au,” during an interview with FBC News.

Nariva says their motivation extends beyond immediate financial gain, with a strong focus on preserving their land and resources for future generations.

He adds that they are driven by a sense of responsibility toward their natural surroundings and firmly believe that the precious natural resources surrounding them belong to their progeny.

This is our collective decision: we don’t require further development. Our commitment is to safeguard our environment, protect our sources of sustenance, and ensure our safety for the long term.”

The collective determination of the villages in Namosi and Waidina has manifested in steadfast resistance against the renewal of the prospecting mining license held by the Namosi Joint Venture project.

This license was due for renewal two months ago but is currently on hold, pending the decision of relevant authorities.

This stance reflects the landowners’ commitment to sustainability and the safeguarding of their ancestral lands.

It is a testament to their dedication to preserving Fiji’s natural heritage and ensuring that future generations can inherit a bountiful and thriving environment.

Sainiani Boila
Multimedia Journalist
OCTOBER 30, 2023 6:33 AM
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