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Future of Managalas Conservation Looks Promising

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The Managalas Plateau in the Ijivitari District in Northern Province is a declared conservation territory consisting of 360,000 hectares of forestland.
An annual leader’s summit was held this month at Koino village with participants from different wards in the Managalas area consisting of chiefs, landowners and clan leaders attending the event.
According to Managalas Conservation, Manager for legal and Stakeholder Engagement under Northern Province Resources, Daimen Ase, the purpose of the meeting was to educate, empower and discuss the significance of the conservation project through information sharing under the Managalas vision, of Kuaefinamie (meaning working together).
Ase pointed out that the Northern Province Resources Limited is focusing on upskilling local farmers.
Project Manager, Professor Graham Sem said, the Conservation program includes a vanilla project and other commodities that are of high demand on the plateau.
‘’There is also another emerging project about peat lands which the program will be focused on establishing and calculating the amount of peat found on the Managalas Plateau because of the carbon it contains. This work is going to progress next year together the Managalas project,’’ said Prof Sem.
Furthermore, Prof Sem emphasised during his welcoming remarks saying the project is not a carbon project, instead, it is a development venture for the betterment of the Managalas people and the province as a whole.
‘’It’s not about carbon, it’s about how you will plant your crops, nurture it, harvest and transport it to find the best market opening for the best price,” he added.
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