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Joy Of Talking About My Ancestors

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I often talk about my ancestors, and how they lived, because I truly want to understand who I am.

Without understanding the past, moving on the tide of the present, will be a Herculean task.

Knowing your genealogical background and reciting it, isn't enough proof that you know your ancestral background.

You have to go into research. This will help you become a historian of the times and places of not only your ancestors but also the ancient world around you.

While there might not be written history about them, the oral history is not bereft in Igbo. You can make diary of what you were told and be proud of your origin, as I am, always.

Many people are not proud of their origin given that they were acculturated into believing that other people's history and ancestors led a Godly life than theirs. How else is complex defined?

I will keep on brushing up on the details of what life was like in my ala-Igbo. In most findings I weep on discovering what most of them went through just to shape a life for me, for their generations yet unborn. Yet, many in that generations have called, still call them Satan. 

But my excellent happiness is that all of us will never be efulefu, that are Eurocentrically spoonfed not to love our ancestors and their ways of life.

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